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Trois la Femme

Aisha Mitchell in Trois la Femme
chor. Darrell Moultrie
Fire Island Dance Festival


Treehouse Productions design credits include:

  • Veiled Calling, Jessica Lang
  • VIvace Motifs, Jessica Lang
Ailey II           
  • Sensory Feast, Francesca Harper           
  • How Small a Thought, Troy Powell           
  • Prayer and Discord, Nathan Trice           
  • Splendid Isolations II, Jessica Lang              
  • Aspects of a Vibe, Darrell Moultrie           
  • Celestial Landscapes, Darrell Moultrie           
  • Fragile, Stephen Boko           
  • Requiem, Chang Yong Sung
  • The Calling, Jessica Lang
  • Valse, Sidra Bell
  • The Corner, Kyle Abraham
  • Proximity, Carlos dos Santos
  • Boulevard, Mina Yoo
  • Reference Point, Troy Powell
  • Rusty, Benoit-Swan Pouffer
  • Moment, Malcolm Low
Birmingham Royal ballet
  • Lyric Pieces, Jessica Lang
Colorado Ballet           
  • From Foreign Lands and People, Jessica Lang           
  • De Profundis, Jessica Lang
Complexions Contemporary Ballet
  • Constructs for 4, Igal Perry
Connecticut Ballet           
  • The Nutcracker, Brett Raphael           
  • Coppelia, Brett Raphael           
  • Pearls, Jahain Clark           
  • Babar, Jessica Lang
  • Sonatina, Elena Comendador
Jessica Lang Dance
  • i.n.k. , Jessica Lang
  • The Mendelssohn/Incomplete, Jessica Lang
  • Elegy, Jessica Lang
  • Among the Stars, Jessica Lang
Kazuko Hirabayashi Dance Theater
  • Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Kazuko HIrabayashi
  • The Spring, Kazuko Hirabayashi
Kevin Wynn, The Collective
  • Ruptured Angels on the Asphalt, Kevin Wynn
Metropolitan Ballet
  • Graduation Ball
  • Peter Pan, Chor. Kanji Segawa
  • Toward the Light, Kanji Segawa
Montgomery Ballet           
  • How Far is 2 Far, Elie Lazar           
  • Carmen/Lost, Elie Lazar
  • Lang:MUSIC + Lang:DANCE, Jessica Lang
  • From Dawn til’ Dusk, Christopher Huggins


  • A Little Silence, Nathan Milford, Dir.


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